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Solid Trust Pay is an e-wallet payment service that helps businesses to choose both options of accepting and payout money. If you want to get some information about Solid Trust Pay, and BTC conversion, you need to give this article a read. Our basic intent is exchange bitcoin to solid trust pay.

Solid Trust is established in almost all countries around the world. This system provides the appropriate options to businesses and consumers including deposits via payment items, money transfers, money wires, electronic banking, and cheques in real-time.

The organization was introduced in April 2006, and now represents millions of consumers around the world. It was invented to make money transfer as easy as sending emails. It also offers outstanding e-wallet services, direct credit card dealers, electronic business payment processing accounts.

Millions of citizens worldwide have a Solid Trust Pay account and are hunting for money. If you need Solid Trust Pay Dollars, sure, it can be achieved with great ease. Also, you can avail of its benefits and features.

Exchange Bitcoin to Solid Trust Pay

So, we'll inform you how you can quickly purchase Bitcoin, exchange Bitcoin to Solid Trust Pay, transfer Bitcoin to your deposit, or embrace it as a smooth trader straight through your SolidTrust Pay account.

Buying bitcoin with Solid Trust Pay is fast, easy, reliable, and highly secured. You need to set up an account and a bitcoin wallet. The company has been doing the process for years. And its specialized support staff are always ready to give any transaction or account issues a helping hand. As well as they can clarify anything you don't fully understand to buy bitcoin with a wallet Solid Trust Pay. If this is your first experience don't worry STP exchange is similar to bitcoin to Credit Card exchange.

If your account is standard approved and linked to a wallet, you can withdraw from your Solid Trust Pay account up to $2500 every 24 hours to your bitcoin wallet. Whereas, selling and buying bitcoin is even easier with Solid Trust Pay. You can deposit up to $250 from your bitcoin wallet to your Solid Trust Pay account every 24 hours. You just need to have your wallet card verified.

BTC to Solid trust pay account
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This will allow you to invest or transfer your funds online. A standard verified account deposit limit is $500 per 24 hours, and the bank verified accounts limit to $1000 per 24 hours.


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